With over 100 billion cells, operating on at least 13 different wavelengths at the same time, the human brain is the most complex object we know. To study it, we combine nearly all the science disciplines known to man, including mathematics, biology, psychology, computer science – even quantum physics. It is impossible for a single person to master this entire subject, so we have banded together to share our unique perspectives and individual expertise to make meaningful contributions to the science of learning.



Ria van Dinteren

Ria van Dinteren is an established author of five books on brain learning and neuroscience. She finished a master study on education management at the University of Roehampton in 2007. As member of the advisory board of TVOO, University Amsterdam, and O&O, Ria is involved in the human resource development field, higher education, and neuroscience


Katelijn Nijsmans

Katelijn Nijsmans is a neuroscientist and in love with the brain and what it can do. It is therefore something malleable and gives you the opportunity to keep learning and changing. Your brain is not solidified gray matter, but an organism that we can shape and develop. As managing partner of The Tipping Point, she translates this brain knowledge that often remains in the dark basements of science to companies and individuals who want to change quickly and be ready for the future.


Margie Meacham

Author and Learning Consultant Margie Meacham first became interested in helping people learn when she was a little girl struggling with learning to learn how to read. Today, she teaches people how to design and deliver training that is compelling, memorable and immediately useful by applying the latest discoveries from the converging fields of learning science.


Stella Collins

Stella Collins is a learning consultant and author of numerous books on brain friendly learning and communication. She regularly designs and delivers face to face and digital training herself, so knows brain friendly principles get results in the real world. An avid learner herself, she is co-founder of Stellar Labs whose mission is to close the digital skills gap with effective science based training.