Who is Katelijn Nijsmans

Katelijn Nijsmans is a neuroscientist in love with the brain and it's endless possibilities. Our brain is not solidified gray matter, but a mallable organism allowing us to keep learning, changing and developing. As managing partner of The Tipping Point, Katelijn makes scientific brain knowledge accessible to companies and individuals who want to learn the brain skills needed for today and tomorrow

Your brain builds new roads everyday.
Let’s take a walk

We see that many organisations find themselves on a “tipping point”. Rapid and constant change is becoming the new ‘norm’. Over the coming years many jobs (and sectors) under pressure from technological innovation and economic competition, will transform or disappear. While, at the same time, new jobs and forms of work will quickly grow. This new world of permanent change demands different emotional and social skills from the people that live and work in it. Employees and managers must be resilient and agile if they want to flourish in a context of permanent change. However, resilience and agility are just two examples of the many skills of today and tomorrow that people (will) need in their working life


HiBRAIN is an online programme that teaches you everything there is to know about your brain. You will discover how to get your brain in top form and what you can do to achieve its optimal performance. Once you have followed the seven chapters of the programme you will be the master of your brain. You will have achieved brain leadership. Nothing is more important in our modern times. In the past physical strength constituted the decisive factor in work and life; in today’s knowledge economy this has, naturally, been replaced with brainpower. Anyone that knows his/her brain and keeps it in good shape, is able to think faster, more creatively and originally than others. He or she will be more alert and more productive. But that’s not all: if you master your brain, you will be capable of much more. Brain leadership makes you more resilient: you can cope more effectively with the pressure and constant change of modern life and you will suffer less from stress in your work and private life. A fit brain improves your life and your career. And it is within your grasp!


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